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Adkins Touted For Bond

I’m not sure how much there is to this — probably nothing — but it’s nice to see that Scott Adkins’ name is currently floating around, sort of, for the next Bond.  Here is what The Herald Sun mentions;

BRITISH star Scott Adkins, the action hero being touted as a potential James Bond, will visit Melbourne in June.

Asked about the Bond buzz swirling around him, Adkins said: “I think I’ve got the right look. I’m English, I’m the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome — well, not very tall, but certainly dark. I love to do action films and I think I’d be a very good Bond.”

Is it almost too good to be true?  Adkins may (yet) not have been given his full due, so maybe if there are any English producers left behind the Bond franchise, they might give one of their own the break he deserves.

Adkins is such a perfect fit, there’s practically nothing to even talk about.