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Coppola: Godfather Couldn’t Be Made Now Because Of Marvel

Francis Ford Coppola’s seminal masterpiece, The Godfather, could not have been made today. This is the wording from the man himself in an interview with  Why?  Because the industry as it stands is dominated by Marvel.

This film could be made today but it wouldn’t get a go-ahead… It would never get through the process of getting an okay or what they now call a green light. Nothing can get a green light unless it’s a movie that they can have a whole series of them and pretty much a Marvel Comics-type of thing.

Now he’s obviously inferring that the problem is larger than Marvel.  But boy, is Marvel ever the worst offender.  The Godfather, a feast of depth and characterization, versus… The Avengers.  The contrast could simply not be stronger.  Vacuous, commercial, loud, noisy, dumb and synthetic. Suffocating kitsch.  Did I mention bloated?

If you’re getting into the mood to hit Coppola’s masterful trilogy once again… hold up for a while. The movies are being prepped by Paramount for the big UHD release.  And maybe those of you who haven’t upgraded yet might just have by the time they are released (might be a while yet).

The new transfers are also described as… impressive as hell.