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Cruise: We’re Filming Top Gun 2 Soon

After the implosion of Beverly Hills Cop 4, which was supposed to be one of Jerry Bruckheimer’s big return gigs for Paramount (he said he left Disney because of the constraints of PG), you might have been forgiven for wondering if Top Gun 2 might also be in development hell.

Not so, says Tom Cruise.  During an appearance on Sunrise (Australia’s equivalent of the “Today” show) where the hosts asked him if a “Top Gun” sequel is happening. Cruise confirmed that: “I’m gonna start filming it probably in the next year.”

Bruckheimer also recently confirmed Cruise’s participation.

“Yeah, of course!” Bruckheimer responded when asked if the “Mission : Impossible” star was coming back. “You don’t make Top Gun without Tom Cruise!” he added.

The new movie is going to centre around the use of drones.  What I’m guessing is going to happen is that they could find that drones are effective in low intensity warfare, but another matter entirely when you’re dealing with an ace-piloted SU-34, so they bring back the old pilots to show ’em how it’s done.