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Gibson On Working Out For Expendables 3

If you remember around the time of The Expendables 3 shoot, Mel Gibson was in superhuman shape.  Turns out around then he spoke about this, in an interview probably missed by many.  Here is what he said;

“Some people say, ‘It’s inconceivable, how can he do that?’ Well I have always had that body type to do that,” Gibson said. Gibson said he had been working out extensively for three months prior to being captured by the photographer. He works with a personal trainer three times a week for three-hour sessions working every muscle group. This along with careful diet and natural supplements has given him the look, he said.

He has also cut out foods like pasta, sugar and potatoes and replaced them with items like green vegetables and fish. “It’s kind of boring,” he said. “I have never worked out three times a week in my entire life,” he said. “It’s kind of getting rid of the middle-aged tire and sort of promoting circulation, aerobic exercise and blood flow circulation, stuff like that. I have been working really hard at it.” Gibson said the workouts, featuring light weights and cardio, are not overly painful (“I’m used to it now. It’s not sore at all”). And they have helped him feel better. “It’s actually helped. My lower back feels better. All of that stuff,” said Gibson who insisted he hasn’t bulked up or lost weight. “My weight has stayed exactly the same, except my pants fit,” he said.”

It’s a pity they ruined both Gibson and Wesley Snipes in that movie.  I mean, who the hell were those ‘young’ cast members?  Honestly, can anyone remember their real life names?  I remember Rhonda Rousey, I think that’s it…