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UPDATED: They’re Making A Das Boot Sequel


UPDATED:  There is an update on this series.

I will pick up the World War II story in the fall of 1942 and follow the war at sea as seen through the eyes of the young U-boat crew, and events on land, and the French Resistance.

Rick Okon will captain the U-612 U-boat in the series which is in the midst of a 104-day shoot in La Rochelle, Prague, Malta and Munich. Vicky Krieps, Jonathan Zaccai, Leonard Scheicher, Robert Stadlober, Franz Dinda and Stefan Konarske also star.

PREVIOUSLY: It looks like classic war movie Das Boot is getting the sequel treatment.  On television.  Sky Deutschland and Bavaria Film are teaming to green light a $28.3 million-budgeted, eight-hour TV series. Supposedly it will be presented from a German angle and in some way follow up the events of the original.

The series is expected to begin airing in 2018 across all the Sky territories. Oliver Vogel and Moritz Polter will executive produce.  Other elements will also be included such as activities from French partisans.

Since this is Sky we’re talking about, it might not turn out too bad.  I always got the impression they created shows with more care than the likes of CBS which seems to favour taking a namesake and whoring it out.

And of course, Das Boot is the best sub movie ever.


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