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Want A New Copy Of Resident Evil? It’ll Cost You $13,000

This site primarily covers movies, but some games might be an exception, especially a near ‘interactive movie’ like Resident Evil.  And especially now that they’re rebooting the film series, maybe the producers need to pay attention to just how popular the original formula is.

How much does a new and sealed version of the original game go for these days?  It’s on eBay, if you have $12,999 laying around.

The item you are bidding on is Resident Evil (Playstation).  This game is BRAND NEW, FACTORY SEALED and VGA GRADED 85!  It is factory sealed with the vertical overlap seam in back and is in mint condition!  This is the HIGHEST GRADE, best condition copy of this rare classic that has ever been seen on ebay, so collectors do not pass this up – you may never find another like this again!  The serial # of this item is 70426347 and can be looked up on the website as each VGA item has a unique number.  For those who don’t know, VGA (Video Game Authority) is a well-respected authenticator and grader of factory sealed video games.  A grade of 85 is an excellent grade and represents a mint specimen – a SILVER LEVEL grade.

Just goes to show how popular the old game and its theme really are.