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EXCLUSIVE: Adkins Fight Scene From ‘Savage Dog’

We have a new and exclusive scene to share today from Scott Adkins’ upcoming action/thriller/fighting movie Savage Dog.  There is an embed problem right now (the studio for some reason isn’t allowing YouTube promotion of this movie to be viewed outside YouTube) but you can view the clip on YouTube by clicking here.

The scene features a fight between Adkins and multiple men after trouble at a bar spills out into a thunderstorm outside.

Directed by Jesse V. Johnson, it follows ‘a story set in Indochina in 1959, a land beyond rule and a time without mercy, and the birth of a legend.’  You can expect an August 4th release date and we’ll have a review up here shortly before.

Once again Adkins is pretty good at nailing difficult accents too.

Also, keep an eye out for Boyka: Undisputed, which will release three days earlier on DVD/Blu-Ray on August 1st!