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Simon West & Banderas Team Up For ‘Gun Shy’

Well it looks like this one went quietly into production and even has a release date in about six weeks’ time.  Simon West and Antonio Banderas have teamed up for the action movie Gun Shy.

Synopsis: Turk Henry, a bassist for a recently split mega-platinum band, takes his pampered wife on an exotic luxury holiday to Chile only for her to be snatched by a group of shipless buccaneers trying to raise money to buy a boat. Despite having never organized anything more challenging than a club sandwich from room service, Turk embarks on a rescue mission, taking him from the back alleys of Santiago to the jungles of South America.

The movie is set for a release on September 8th.

Olga Kurylenko will also star in this movie, which has a comedy bent to it. As far as action heroines go, I really have a lot of time for Olga Kurylenko, certainly more than the likes of Jennifer Lawrence. The movie was formerly titled Salty.

Thanks To: Sergei