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Boomtown (2017) Exclusive Clip

Just over the horizon is the release of upcoming drama Boomtown, a movie about a father struggling to make ends meet.  Today we have an exclusive clip to share from the movie which you can check out above.  The film stars Boyd Holbrook, Dwight Yoakam and Jocelin Donahu.  I’ve been a fan of Donahu since seeing her in the underrated House of the Devil and is in fact an extraordinary actress.

Release: 9/5/17
GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Sabyn Mayfield
CAST:  Boyd Holbrook, Dwight Yoakam Rachel Brosnahan, Tyler Riggs, Jocelin Donahue
Struggling to make ends meet, John “JT” Turner leaves his young family behind to pursue a grueling, yet highly coveted, job in a booming oil town.

Boomtown is due to be released by The Orchard On Digital and On Demand September 5th.  

Check out the poster below.