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REVIEW: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049

Rated R for violence, some sexuality, nudity and language.

Got the chance to watch this one yesterday night in original language, skipping 3D, by choice. I’m not a Villeneuve fanboy, I liked Prisoners and Sicario but I didn’t praise them, and I didn’t like Contact. I Don’t like Renner, but then again, who does ?

BR-2049 is a contemplative SF/neo noir flick with a slow pacing, like the original,
This is a 163 minutes flick. It’s not an action movie but it has a few efficient action/combat scenes, both brutal and aesthetic.

Everybody is praising the photography and I agree, these guys didn’t play you for fools,
like in these stinky Marvel blockbusters, they used pratical effects for the streets,
the rooms buildings and God that looked awesome! They also did important things such as keeping
the old school, retro-futuristic design for the technology and of course involved improved tech design too, because the movie is set 30 years after the first.

Another detail that I was glad to notice is the “less is more” approach, letting the viewer
developping the background by himself, if he’s really into the universe of the movie. Remember when the colonial marines talked about the juicy colonists daughters pussies, or when you’ve heard that Snake Plissken was in the Black Light unit during the war against Russia. They did that in Blade Runner too.  These small glimpses of background that make your imagination fly.

This movie story’s shouldn’t be spoiled so I can just tell you the Blade Runner officer K (Gosling)
is just doing his job, retiring skin jobs, and he gets involved in something much bigger, and like the first movie it’s detective work, the old timers and die hard fans will notice many subtle details and references throughout the movie.Like the original, there are not a lot of main characters, of course you can see the populace here and there but they kept this deep sensation of loneliness.

The story gives some answers but at the end of the day, makes you ask new ones, like Villeneuve said he’s a fan born from the theatrical cut (which is the version Ford played Deckard as a human) and the later cuts where Ridley Scott tried to prove that Deck was a replicant since day 1. In this aspect, the movie still remains ambiguous,kudos for this.That’s the spirit. You can tell that French Canadian Villeneuve is a real fan, and was the right choice for directing.This one i’m gonna rewatch it a lot of times.

The Music is good,reminescent of the original, it was Villeneuve’s choice to ultimately
reject the score composed by Johansson, because he wanted a score closer to Vangelis.  Of course it’s not superior than the original, but it wasn’t meant to be superior, it was meant to give you more of this universe, with generosity.

This is a movie that deserves the cinema experience,unless you’re a pussy and need nonstop
CGI shit and shaky cam filmed in front of some ugly green screen.

Pay the ticket, contribute to real filmmaking.
On the other hand,if you don’t like the original, don’t waste your time and money.

-French Predator



If you want a mild spoiler:


-characters from the past
are back too.-