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Seagal Rallies The Troops Against ISIS

There is an ongoing problem with ISIS in the Philippines.  They have had a presence there for some time.  But Rodrigo Duterte has got a secret weapon, according to

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte brought in a special guest on Friday, December 1, to rally troops battling Islamic State (ISIS) followers in the south – US action hero Steven Seagal.

It may sound like some type of movie, but oftentimes the line between reality and movies with Sensei Seagal is blurred.  In many ways, he’s a method actor.

“I know you guys put your life on the line every day. I myself have done and will do the same thing so I understand this is serious business,” he told the soldiers, who have been battling Abu Sayyaf for decades.

“I believe there is a formula that can help the armed forces, the police, the intelligence network to combat this very, very well,” Seagal said.

“I am looking forward to discussing these things with President Duterte at a later time,” he added.  Sensei continued that he hopes to be ‘involved’ in the war at some point.