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Seagal: US Ran By Secret Society, New Trailer

Sensei Seagal has a new movie coming, titled Attrition. Above is the first trailer for it.  In the movie, when a Thai girl with mythical powers goes missing, Axe (Seagal) and his old team unite in attempts to bring her back.

The 90 minute movie was directed by Mathieu Weschler and written by Seagal himself, for a 2018 release.

Elsewhere, Seagal appeared on the Alex Jones show, again.  This time, Seagal reveals that the United States is ran by a secret society, bent on the overthrow of President Donald Trump with a view to starting an unjust war with Russia.  Seagal also took some time to trash Megyn Kelly and tells listeners that her ratings plummeted through the floor.

There, Seagal is talking about the rape allegations against him.  Seagal reveals the the accuser was not even in the movie as she had claimed, but also refutes her allegation that he raped her at his home in Beverly Hills, because he did not own a home in Beverly Hills.

Jones then goes on to denounce Kelly as a ‘Yellow Journalist’ and a purveyor or fake news, and that he once recorded her in secret during an interview.

Anthony Falangetti, a criminal lawyer with 22 years experience, also appears, making the discussion a three way phone call-in, with Falangetti denouncing the allegations and why they are bogus in his view.

Meanwhile, it turns out George Foreman has challenged The Master to a 10 round fight in Vegas, we must have missed that one. But Joe Rogan did not…