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Trailers For 3 New Russian WW2 Tank Movies


The Russian film industry continues to move forward towards a slick, near-Hollywood tier level, with its WW2 movies at least.  Which is probably a good thing because that appears to be their favorite type of film.  This year they’re coming out with not one, but three tank-orientated WW2 movies.

The first is Steel, a movie in which a ten-year-old boy, a fan of tank shooters, accidentally finds an old Soviet tank in the woods and plunges into the past, reading the commander’s diary. Together with the crew of the combat vehicle, our contemporary will pass through the most grandiose tank battle in the history of mankind – the Battle of Senno, which occurred in early July 1941.

Sounds iffy, but it has a decent trailer.


The imaginatively titled Tanks is another, also with no set release date as of yet.

Set in 1940, ‘the Soviet Union is on the verge of war. Designer Mikhail Koshkin creates a prototype tank, the T-34, which is destined for a great role in the coming battles. In order to launch a new tank as soon as possible, they urgently need to transport the prototype T-34s for approval to the capital to Stalin’.

This one was directed by Kim Druzhinin, director of Panfilov’s 28 Men (one of the Top Five Manliest Movies Of 2017). Not sure about some of that CGI though…


The simply-titled T-34 is yet another tank movie coming out of Russia in 2018.

Written and directed by Aleksey Sidorov, it begins in 1941 during the battle of Volokolamsk, following a young lieutenant who stands alone against a dozen German tanks and is captured by the enemy. Three years later he comes up with an audacious escape plan and sets out to face an armada of German tanks once again.

This actually might be confused with Tanks, but they are two separate movies with different directors.