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A Look At Uganda’s First Action Movie

Here is a look at Uganda’s first action movie. It features suspect special effects.  Who Killed Captain Alex? is based on the director’s real life experiences during war.


Captain Alex, the local military’s top soldier, is sent out to destroy the evil Tiger Mafia, a group that controls the city of Kampala from the shadows. The Tiger Mafia is led by a man named Richard.

After Richard’s brother is captured by Captain Alex, Richard sets out for revenge. Later, Captain Alex turns up dead—but nobody is sure who killed him. Captain Alex’s brother, a Ugandan Shaolin Monk, arrives in Kampala to try to discover who the murderer is. He develops a friendship with one of Richard’s wives, who has lost her memory due to being shot by Richard (Richard has so many wives they are expendable).

The last action sequence features a number of helicopters, myriad explosions, and an immense body count. After an extended ambush, a chain reaction overwhelms Richard to the point where he is wounded and taken into custody. In the end, however, no one knows who actually killed Captain Alex (even the director himself).

I wonder if Avi Lerner is in negotiations for the sequel for this movie?  Also, if we deduce Bruce Willis’ going rate according to his refusal to do The Expendables 3, Walter_B can be acquired for the sequel for a fee of $600.  And although this will only get them one minute of dialogue, this is enough to market Willis… they just need his face for the cover.