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Game of Thrones Approaching the End of an Era

Game of Thrones aka GoT is one of the most popular TV series with a massive following throughout the world. Since 2011, HBO has been releasing this mind-blowing British epic season after season where it has released up to 7 seasons with dozens of episodes.

Now the eighth and final season is coming out soon, which is both good and bad news. For individuals such as me who are die-hard fans of this British series, we cannot wait to see the entertainments and thrills that HBO has in store for us one more time. However, it is sad that after this season, we will no longer see the likes of Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister.

After many episodes marked by many deaths and a few eyeballs being gouged out, HBO has decided to say goodbye to all things Westeros and Daenerys. Even so, there are a few rumors and speculations regarding the final season.

1. Release Date

According to a recent social media posting by the deputy director, viewers could watch season 8 in a year’s time. There is a good chance the final GoT season will be released around April, May or June 2019.

2. There Could Be New Cast Members

According to a credible source, the 8th season will have eight new members in the cast. There are very scanty details on these actors and actresses though.

3. Daenerys to Suffer a Horryfing Loss in Euron Twist

Since season 3 or so, we have been made to believe that there is this dragon horn hidden somewhere in the smoking ruins of Valyria where no one has ever reached, which has the power to control the dragons. Rumor has it that in a horrifying twist in season 8, somebody is going to find the horn and hand it over to the lannisters who are the number one enemies of the mother of the dragons. The result will be a devastating tragedy for Daenerys Targaryen. The Mother of Dragons has already lost one of her dragons. Will she take the loss of two more dragons and survive her enemies’ wrath? Let us wait and see.

Final Thoughts

It is quite sad to imagine that after the eighth season, we will no longer see our favorite characters in GoT again. Many of us wish the thrilling British drama series would go on and on forever because we still feel that the story has not been told completely yet. Likewise, the crew members are going through their own stages of sadness as the reality of the series’ end sinks in.

Many times, many of them have acknowledged how strange it feels to be working on final season, and as they get further into the final steps of production, the experience only seems to be getting more emotionally overwhelming.

Emilia Clarke, who is the mother of the dragons in GoT, for example, recently told a top movie review magazine that she finished filming the last scene in Daenerys’ story, and it was very emotionally stirring for her. What do you think? Should HBO continue producing more GoT seasons?