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Demolition Man Taco Bell At Comic-Con

The San Diego Comic Con is well known for its pop-ups related to films and TV and this year they’ll be celebrating the 25th anniversary of manly movie Demolition Man, with a new one which boasts a futuristic Taco Bell.

The movie was obviously was set years in the future in a time when the ‘franchise wars’ were over and so every restaurant left standing was now a Taco Bell.  The future in the movie is also growing closer to reality by the day.  Once, we joked about the Verbal Morality Statute, but now you have to wonder where the first credit fines will be issued for saying banned words in the real.

The pop-up will be open from 6pm-midnight, nightly, from July 18th to 22nd at 658 Fifth Ave in San Diego. The food is free and no Comic-Con badge is required.