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Renny Harlin’s Next: Operation Somalia

Here is a promotional banner for Operation Somalia.

The film will be directed by Die Hard 2 and Cliffhanger helmer Renny Harlin.

Budgeted at RMB200 million ($30 million), Operation Somalia will be co-produced by Mythological Universe, Mailang Pictures and Jindun Film & Television Center of the Ministry of Public Security. The project is set to begin shooting in China and Australia in April 2018. It is being produced by Zhiyuan Zhang, best known for Go Princess Go.

The movie will cover a true life story of Chinese special forces getting into it with Somali pirates.  If you’re noticing a slight trend in Chinese action movies taking place in Africa, it’s probably because the country has a growing military presence there.  Especially around the strategically important Horn of Africa.  Such ventures usually have movies to shape public opinion.

But of course, the Chinese aren’t the only ones doing that kind of thing, that’s for damn sure.  And as usual, it’ll get a pass on here… so long as it’s manly.