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Hilarious – RoboCop 4 (GTA’d)

This is probably the funniest video you’re going to see all week. From Russian director Mikhail Kramer, GTA coding has brought RoboCop back while we wait for RoboCop Returns.

In Robocop 4: After the explosion of the OCP building in Detroit for 5 months all is calm, However, the crime wave swept Los Angeles. It was time for decisive action. decided to transfer the robocop to Los Angeles police department.
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Robocop Mikhail Kramer
Mayson Harris Evgeny Leonov
Doctor Lazarus Alesya Zelenko
Captain Trunk Maxim Friving
ED 209 Mikhail Kramer
Police officer 1 Dmitry Plusnin
Nolan Right Dmitry Plusnin
Trevor Philips Dmitry Plusnin
News Dictor Alla Alehina

Additionally, Mr. Kramer has a message for all the naysayers and nitpickers;

I apologize for the Russian accent, but I do not have the money to hire professional speakers. You asked me to shoot you a video in English and now complain about the accent. I shoot everything alone, have a conscience. on This voice acting with non-professionals took 3 months, only for voice acting. At the expense of a bug with an invisible weapon. it was not supposed to be there, I used the animation just as a capture. Another robocop did not shoot the guy’s penis, just every time this moment reminds one old parody where the robocop is shooting all the penises. Robert Patrick in this film is shown simply as a comeo, as in the movie the “Last Action Hero” or “Wayne’s World”.

That’s how it’s done in the big leagues, Johnson!