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Zahler Says New Movie Will ‘Trigger’ Certain Folks

A while back S. Craig Zahler had spoken of how his new movie, Dragged Across Concrete, is politically incorrect (these days, synonymous with representational).

”Zahler also acknowledged that he’s not making films for everyone. “I’m not chasing the biggest audience and I’m comfortable with losing some of them. There are obviously remarks that are throwaway jokes and there are lines that aren’t politically correct,” he said. “There are lines that will get people to hate me, and that is your right to do so. I hope that there’s enough of an audience that it’s a success to get to the next one.”

This was after sites likes The Daily Beast were aghast that the movie took a reflective tone from the real world with, y’know, abrasive talk and behavior.  Now, it seems Zahler is sticking to his guns.

“I said this before Bone Tomahawk came out,” Zahler tells Yahoo Movies UK. “Of the people who want to see a movie called Bone Tomahawk, 60% will like it, 20% will think it’s disgusting and offensive, and 20% will think it’s boring, and those stats hold with all of my movies. I take my time, there’s stuff that will trigger certain people and that’s fine, these are the pieces I want to make.”

In the full interview, too much to show here, Zahler is unrepentant.