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Fans Good With Black Bond, But Not Gay Or Female

There is one more James Bond film in him to shoot next year that will feature Daniel Craig, but once that’s done the question will once again turn to the recasting of the role and where the series will go next.

Polling franchise Morning Consult recently conducted a survey of Americans and how they like James Bond but more importantly, whom they would be happy with in terms of recasting.

63% approved and only 21% opposed the casting of Idris Elba in the role.

Support for a black James Bond is in the majority with 52% supporting and 29% opposing, a far better result than a Hispanic 007 (39% for/39% against) and an Asian 007 (37% for/41% against).

The idea of female Bond though has been shot down. While the approval rate hovers at 37% the opposing rate shoots up to 48%. The idea that readers are really against though? A gay James Bond with only 28% approving and 52% opposing.

Classic Bonds were polled with Sean Connery the highest with an 82% approval rating followed closely by Pierce Brosnan (81%), Roger Moore (74%), Daniel Craig (71%), Timothy Dalton (49%) and George Lazenby (31%). Connery and Moore dominated the Top Ten with five and four films respectively.