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Bucket Boy Is Back Online!

We have new meaning to the term ‘Bucket Boy’, as Peter Weller has come out of Robo-Retirement to film some KFC ads.  See below.

This to my mind marks the first time Weller has picked up the role since the summer of 1990, where in May 1990 he showed up in WCW, then shortly after RoboCop 2 was released.

Weller has been rumored to reprise his role in Neill Blomkamp’s RoboCop Returns.  That film should actually be the third sequel to the original movie, with RoboCop 2 being the original and the TV series acting as another de-facto sequel.  Prime Directives treated the three original films as canon.

By the way, personally KFC is always a ‘last resort’ to me.  It’s up there with Dinki-Di dog food (from Mad Max).  Whatever the Colonel’s secret recipe is, he can keep it.

Also, Neill Blomkamp has called these adverts a ‘problem’.  Which might indicate that this is not some ‘warm up’ or contractual obligation for Weller?  Anyone else find it funny that for years Weller shat on RoboCop only to now stoop to this level?

It’s still funny though, these ads are good.  In one of the videos, somewhere there is a crime happening in old Detroit, right in front of RoboCop’s eyes, but he appears to give no fucks.  And it’s nice to see Weller back… I sense that this is only going to help Blomkamp’s film.