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More Woke Fears For Terminator: Dark Fate

Speculation continues, including on the latest episode of HN Entertainment, about the direction of Terminator: Dark Fate.

Apparently, we’re probably looking down the barrel of another Wokefest, with John Connor being absent from the movie or possibly even killed off, to make way for the Wokeness.  Sarah Connor will live on a farm with a T-800, then presumably link up with some badass females, including the Justin Bieber lookalike.  Who said it couldn’t get any worse than Genisys?

We’ve seen this movie before.  EA/DICE just recently attempted to re-write the history of WW2 by forcibly instructing us that teenaged female feminists won WW2, not men, and that anyone who disagreed with this direction was an idiot and challenged critics not to buy it.  The game bombed like a lead balloon and the challenge was accepted.

Not to mention the reboot of Ghostbusters.  Get woke, go broke, paranormal comedy edition.

Might we just rename this new movie the Jane Connor diaries?  Either way, watch out for Arnold’s hardcore turd polishing and shilling.  We got all deez stronk females, unt great special effects, unt I returhn as duh T-800 and it’s fantastic.