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Van Damme Talks Breaking Into Stallone’s House

Here is a video where Jean Claude Van Damme talks breaking into Sylvester Stallone’s house, after apparently cultism got the better of him.

This is what Stallone said about this:

“I was doing, I think it was Rocky III.  And I was coming out of my house and all of a sudden there was this disturbance outside in the bushes.  And I went out.  And it was him.  And he’d just come out from Belgium and he was like 21 years old and he was very ambitious and he wanted to be in films.  He could barely speak English and he was miming want he wanted to do, and he was doing these incredible kicks out on the driveway.  And my wife said who is the guy out on the driveway doing the splits.  And I said I don’t know!”

Not the last time a cultist broke into Stallone’s house, by the way (probably a Stallone-Zoner).