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Kreese Declares War On Sleazy Car Dealer!

It’s funny that the writers of this series wrote Daniel LaRusso as a car dealer, universally known as the most abhorred scum in the universe.  If you look at the old movies, that’s exactly what LaRusso is… a sleazy fellow who moves in on other men’s women.  Someday to become a car dealer/salesmen.

Now though LaRusso is in trouble, as John Kreese has shown up to defend the honor of Cobra Kai from the big businessman who tried to stamp out a small community project.

Kreese reveals to LaRusso in the above video that they are at war.

We may even require some body bags.

The second season of Cobra Kai debuts next week, April 24th, on YouTube Red.  LaRusso should also remember that he’s not the only businessman out there!