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REVIEW: Trading Paint (2019)

John Travolta, Michael Madsen and Shania Twain headline the middling sports drama, Trading Paint (2019).  The title, “Trading Paint” refers to when two race cars aggressively bump into each other.  Produced by Saban Films and directed by Karzan Kader, the movie follows the Munroe Racing Family in Lincoln, Alabama led by Sam “The Man” Munroe (John Travolta) and his racing prodigy son, Cam Munroe (Toby Sebastian).

When Cam loses the last race of the Talladega Short Track Dirt Racing season due to engine problems, he breaks ties with his Father. Cam decides to drive for his Father’s hated rival, Bob Linsky (Michael Madsen).  This infuriates Sam and with no one else to race his car, he has to come out of retirement to compete.  This pits Sam against his own son on the racetrack.

Trading Paint moves at its own deliberate pace, concerned more with Father and Son melodrama than with hard-hitting action. Country and Western singer, Shania Twain makes an appearance in the movie as Becca, a comely divorcee and love interest for Sam. To his credit, Travolta does not overdo his Southern accent.  The rest of the cast including Michael Madsen however fail to make any impression.

The actual racing scenes on the Talladega Short Track, while dark, are competently filmed.  Audiences are clearly able to follow the Super Late model cars.  However, the crowds of fans featured in the stands appear unenthusiastic.

While a far cry from thrilling racing films like Le Mans (1971) or Grand Prix (1966)Trading Paint is nonetheless, an average but inoffensive movie.

Recommended for hard core racing or John Travolta fans only.


By:  John Matrix