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REVIEW: The Last Warrior (2018)

Director Rustam Mosafir effectively creates a bloody and mystical medieval world in the historical action movie, The Last Warrior. The movie was produced by the CTB Film Company and was distributed by 4Digital Media.

The hero of The Last Warrior is Lyutobor (Aleksey Faddeev), a bodyguard/warrior for Lord Oleg (Yuriy Tsurilo) who rules the Principality of Tmutrakan in Medieval Eastern Europe. When a gang of mercenary bandits calling themselves the “Wolves” attack Lyutobor’s peaceful village and kidnap his wife, Tatyana (Vasilisa Izmaylova) and his newborn son, Lyutobor must set out on a quest to rescue his family. Lyutobor frees Marten (Aleksandr Kuznetsov) a captured bandit, to aid him on this journey. Marten is a vicious and intense fighter, who uses sharp blades to slice up his foes. Together, the men face numerous adversaries on their mission, including an insane forest dwelling clan and vengeful Mongol warriors. The two men also learn about their contrasting worldviews. Lyutobor is a Christian, who is vexed and troubled over the innocent blood he takes, while Marten worships the Greek God, Ares and only values bloodshed and violence.

Mosafir did a fine job filming the hand-to-hand fighting and sword fights. They are brutal, intense and exciting to watch. One highlight was a well-choreographed knife fight at night between Marten and the Wolves’ leader, Yar (Vitaly Kravchenko) set inside a ring of fire. The movie also features a fascinating and atmospheric score. The composer employed a unique array of instruments to capture the movie’s ancient setting. The Last Warrior ends in a very sequel friendly way, suggesting there will be further adventures for Lyutobor.

If you enjoyed historical action movies like Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan (2007) or Nomad: The Warrior (2005) you should strongly consider digitally renting or buying, The Last Warrior.

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