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Flashback: Seagal’s Opinion Of Tom Cruise

Who remembers the movie The Last Samurai?  It starred Tom Cruise.  But if you think about it, shouldn’t it really have starred Steven Seagal?  Steven Seagal was unimpressed by the man’s performance in the movie and, in fact, modern action heroes in general.  From an old interview:

Q: What’s up with contemporary action heroes? Nicholas Cage and Orlando Bloom are not the stereotypical types.

A: I would say the same thing, just to be polite. Let me tell you something that might be a bit dangerous. I was raised in Japan. I was schooled in martial arts. I was given the title of master. They take a movie “The Last Samurai.” They have a 5-foot-2-inch little guy, whether he was straight or gay, I don’t know. I don’t care. He had never been to Japan. He doesn’t speak Japanese. He has never held a sword. They make him the Last Samurai. We got 450,000 phone calls [laughs] from everybody in the world saying, “That role was perfect for you. How did that happen?” Most of the people I know didn’t like the film and didn’t go see it. It’s just a classic example of Hollywood and the politics.

Source: RT Forums