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New Bond Is (Temporarily) Female

Here is the new 007, temporarily anyway, now that Bond 25 will be Daniel Craig’s last outing.  Actress Lashana Lynch will take on the role in a torch passing, according to The Sun:

ACTRESS Lashana Lynch will take on the iconic spy role of 007 in Bond 25, according to reports.

While titular hero James Bond will still be portrayed by Daniel Craig, 51, writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge has introduced a major twist to the long-running franchise.

This does not appear to be permanent however, with the lead for Bond 26 as yet undecided.  And, for some further news on this, The Daily Mail says the new female Bond came as a ‘direct intervention’ feminist TV writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Don’t these people realize the kind of PR damage this stuff has been doing to new movies recently? If fans go nuts over Star Wars, then what are they going to do when it comes to forced feminism targeting something that is supposed to be the epitome of masculine cinema?  That alone makes me think some people out there are spiteful?

Surely Bond isn’t going to be made an example of?