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Those Sneaky Turks At It Again…

I posted an entry in 2017 highlighting suspicious voting activity on a Turkish war movie.  85,000 people apparently showed up on the IMDb to give pile of shit The Mountain II a 10/10 rating.  It was and is the most egregious act of vote rigging ever on the IMDb, covered by no site but this one… just in time to white wash Turkey’s illegal invasion of Syria.

Anyway, here’s a new one.  Turkish propaganda movie Wolf.

The show, which wants to put a certain slant on the recent coup attempt in the rogue state (I’ll be it does) has a disproportionate number of fans.  It must be a helluva show, look at all those 10s!  But if you look at the full series, which I’ve never even heard of until today (and I regularly have to empty the site’s email with PR companies spamming updates about stuff like this), the streaks of 10s are even worse.

But, you know… disclaimer: I haven’t seen it.  Maybe it is good.  But given Erdogan’s minions’ propaganda history… color me suspicious.

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