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New Resident Evil Returns To Horror Roots

The last Resident Evil film came out in 2017 with Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.  Now, Constantin Films is rebooting the series with director Johannes Roberts helming the first entry in what they hope to be a new series.

Speaking with ScreenRant, Roberts confirms that the new film will ditch all the silliness and becoming a horror movie:

We are in active development of that at the moment. I pitched them a take, and they really loved it. So, we are just gearing up on that as we speak, really. I’m in the office all the time there. So, yeah, it’s great. It’s gonna be super scary. It’s super, super scary. And it’s just getting back to the roots of the game. I think, at the moment, I’m not really allowed to say much more than that. But it’s gonna be a lot of fun.

There is also a TV series planned for Netflix, from the same production company.  Rumor has it that this series will be a prequel to the first game, surrounding Umbrella’s rise and nefarious activities.  I can envision the finale of the series presenting the mansion in the Arklay Mountains.

The remake of Resident Evil 2 took things back to its roots, and was a huge success.  Maybe that’ll help force the studio to stay away from the garbage created by Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife.