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Review “Crawl” 2019

As a horror movie fan I appreciate a good “Creature Feature” film. A lot of producers back in the day liked making these movies cause they were relatively cheap to make & played very well in the Drive-in Cinemas across the country  where manly teenage boys would buy tickets to fuck their girlfriends in their 1950s Chevrolet.


This genre of film still exist to this day however good ones are hard to come by for various reasons. Once again low production values are a problem. A lot of times, lots of the people hired to make these movies are just starting out in the industry and therefore come across like the interns who were left in charge of the company for a few days. The special effects and the acting can be very dreadful. So regardless of their initial intention, the movies play like comedies.

But when you mix the right people with the right ingredients, you can have a standout in a sea of mediocrity. Which is the case here because “Crawl” is a good movie.


The story goes as follows, when a big fucking Category 5 hurricane hits her hometown of Gainesville Florida, college swimmer/student Haley ( Kaya Scodelario )  ignores the evacuation orders to search for her missing father, Dave ( Barry Pepper ). After finding him all fucked up & injured in their family home, the two of them become trapped by the rapidly encroaching floodwaters.  As the hurricane strengthens, father & daughter encounter an even greater threat….a relentless attack from a pack of gigantic hungry big-ass alligators.

The movie is produced by genre icon Sam Raimi & directed by Alexandre Raja who previously directed “Piranha 3D”, “The Hills Have Eyes” remake and “High Tension”. Raja & Raimi bring in the movie at a lean & mean 80 + minutes. The movie spends the right amount of time introducing the characters & it’s scenario & the right amount of time depicting how it all went to shit for these characters. Scodelario & Pepper do a good job bringing their roles to life and you end up rooting for them.

As someone from Florida who has been through hurricanes and seen my fair share of alligators, this movie made me smile. The story takes place in Gainesville which believe me, the college teams are named “Gators” for a reason. The residents are way too comfortable around these fuckers in my opinion. But then again, in Florida, you can encounter these Jurassic Motherfuckers anywhere.


“Crawl” is an effective Creature Feature. Does it’s job.