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Scorsese: Marvel Movies ‘Not Real Cinema’

Martin Scorsese has drawn the ire of man babies across the internet who take personal offence when a Marvel movie is criticized.  In speaking with Empire Magazine this week, Scorcese says that those bloated CGI movies pumped out by Marvel are not real cinema.

“I don’t see them. I tried, you know? But that’s not cinema. Honestly, the closest I can think of them, as well made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks. It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.”

Take a look at any random comments section across the internet relating to this news and and read on as Scorsese apparently tramples on the very soul of grown men, in mildly dismissing what amounts to a bunch of toy movies.

Legendary Scorsese has also drawn the ire of James Gunn:

It is interesting that Marvel fanboys can easily attack Martin Scorsese, but heartily defend someone like James Gunn.  For those who have forgotten, here is a Breitbart refresher:

  1. In September of 2010, James Gunn published a video on his personal blog (which he took down in an apparent panic Thursday night) titled “100 Pubescent Girls Touch Themselves.”
  2. The video is a chorus of young women (we do not know their ages) singing Divinyls’ ode to masturbation,” I Touch Myself.”
  3. According to the Wayback Machine, Gunn embedded the video with a comment about how this video brought him to orgasm:

Huston Huddleston posted this video on my Facebook page with the note “I thought you’d appreciate this.” My response: “Appreciate it?!! I just came all over my own face!!”

  1. The man who gave Gunn this video is apparently the same Huston Huddleston connected to the sci-fi circles Gunn is part of, and who was later convicted of possessing child pornography. As of now, neither Gunn nor his defenders have claimed this is not the same man.
  2. Gunn was not some dumb kid when he published this video, he was a 44-year-old man.

I mean… what the fuck?