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Tim Miller: Kyle Reese ‘Doesn’t Exist’

Here’s a video where two men clearly don’t give a fuck about the movie they’re talking about. One is from Collider, the other is the director of Terminator: Dark Fate himself, Tim Miller.  In a very awkward back and forth, both men try to bury the unspoken; that the film is garbage.

Worse, halfway into the interview the interviewer asks Miller why Sarah Connor wasn’t out looking for Kyle Reese.  What the fuck?  Is this that guy’s first Terminator movie?  Miller reasonably scoffs such a silly question and informs the interviewer that Reese is dead.  Shit!

Not to be outdone though in rank ignorance, Miller then goes on to assuage the interviewer by informing us that Kyle Reese never existed in the first place, so there’s always that.  ‘He doesn’t exist’, as Miller recklessly big-ups his new timeline.

Yes… but who the fuck is the father of the teenage John Connor who shows up at the start of the film?  Enrique?!