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NEWS: The Matrix, Mortal Kombat, Fox…


It looks like ‘Fox’ is sort of no longer a thing.  20th Century Fox will now become 20th Century Studios, while Fox Searchlight Pictures is now simply Searchlight Pictures.  The owners, Disney, have also recently shitcanned many notable Fox franchises.

Seems to me that Disney is getting out of control.


In a reminder that this film is still happening, Lambert Wilson’s The Merovingian character from the two sequels in The Matrix series will apparently make a return, as the actor is currently in negotiations to appear.

The Matrix was good, but it’s poor as a trilogy.  Maybe a fourth film can closer reflect the quality of the original.  I always took the first Matrix being an allegory of the story of Jesus Christ, or more accurately the Second Coming.

Essentially, Neo is Jesus.  Did the directors ever confirm that?


More Mortal Kombat, although apparently not another live action version.

Warner Bros. Animation has announced Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge, a new animated feature in the works for direct to disc & VOD release.   Ethan Spaulding will direct the project, the regulars such as Johnny Cage have already been cast with voice actors.

It could still be good, a lot of room for creativity and accuracy with this medium.