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Picard And Other ‘Too Far’ Propaganda

Shortly after the ‘White Helmets’ showed up in Michael Bay’s recent 6 Underground, I had to turn the film off and couldn’t finish it.  What was billed as a big budget, breezy action movie actually turned out to be insufferable regime change propaganda.  I was annoyed, because I was looking forward to it.

Another one I was sort of looking forward to was the return of Picard, with Patrick Stewart reprising his role in the new sequel series.  Now… maybe not so much.  Instead of fulfilling his role as court Jester, Stewart is instead openly hyping the show as a political weapon.

“In a way, the world of ‘Next Generation’ had been too perfect and too protected,” he tells Variety. “It was the Enterprise. It was a safe world of respect and communication and care and, sometimes, fun.” In “Picard,” the Federation — a union of planets bonded by shared democratic values — has taken an isolationist turn. The new show, Stewart says, “was me responding to the world of Brexit and Trump and feeling, ‘Why hasn’t the Federation changed? Why hasn’t Starfleet changed?’ Maybe they’re not as reliable and trustworthy as we all thought.”

Brexit?  Trump?  I really don’t want to fucking hear this.

Stewart went on to say that he believes the U.S. under Trump and the UK under Prime Minister Boris Johnson are “completely fucked.”

“I’m not sure which one of us is in the most trouble,” he says of Britain and the US. “I think it’s actually the U.K. I think we’re fucked, completely fucked. There is a time limit to your fucked state, which is four years away.”

What has this got to do with anything?  “I think”… you’re not paid to think, then offer political insight then use entertainment to quarterback your views.

Now, if I were to watch this show (and I probably won’t now), every line of dialogue is going to be fed through a political prism.  This is a good way of souring a story, performance etc.

Propaganda is moving away from subtle to blatant.

Elsewhere, the second season of Jack Ryan was also ruined for me.  A certain amount of propaganda has to be expected, but regime change bullshit was raised to level 5,000 in the second season, with John Krasinki’s character openly going full Neo-Con in the opening, by boasting to college students about how many countries have been ruined with regime change, and that Venezuela had better watch it’s back.   WTF.  Later in the show, ‘Jack Ryan’ heads to another country and threatens to murder its leader, because the leader does not agree with Ryan on how to run his own country.

After the series premiered, Krasinski was forced to pen an open letter responding to critics’ complaints about the series being bald faced regime change propaganda first, spy series second.  I can’t find it now, but it was written, because I read it (it was weak as piss).

Another one was the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), a game which celebrates both regime change and by proxy, those fine folks who cut people’s heads off and upload it to the internet (see video above).  Apparently in the game, you’re supposed to celebrate them as the ‘heroes’ they are, and even help them out by shooting and killing those who refuse ‘vote properly’.

No thanks.