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REVIEW: Killshot (2008)

Killshot (2008)

Rated R for violence, language and brief nudity.

What to expect: A movie that should not be overlooked.

This movie is adapted from an Elmore Leonards novel and suffered from several problems, such as being butchered due to a test screening crowd reaction, there was a character a crazy sheriff played by Knoxville and they hated him.  So 30 minutes were left on the floor.

But a good movie remains a good movie (remember how the 13th Warrior was butchered and still pwns.)
Set in Canada, the main character is half Indian and half White “Black Bird” hitman played masterfully by Rourke, he’s a pro and takes his job so seriously that he didn’t hesitate to kill his own brother just because he made a mistake.  The ones who see his face has to die, period.

As some problems happen after a hit for a Toronto mob boss Black Bird meets and team up with a frenetic and crazy young criminal obsessed with Elvis (No wonder why Tarantino was supposed to play the character at one point….) Gordon Lewitt finally got the part and nailed it too.

A struggling couple of normal people are getting involved in the middle of this mess (Diane Lane super hot as usual and Thomas Jane). It’s fast paced, it’s gloomy, the dialogues are cool and the action
is good, and on top of that this flick is quite overlooked.

Now, i’ll read the book.

  • Frenchie