50,000 COMMENTS – ManlyMovie


Kind of a slow news day today,  so a small mention will be made about a milestone this site has passed.  Actually it ticked over recently without my noticing much but…


Over the course of seven years.

Actually, around 57,000 comments but somehow I have a backlogged case of 7,000 apparent spam comments, but 50,000 real comments has been surpassed. As for the number of hits on the site, I honestly don’t know. I last kept a serious eye on that maybe four years ago, 1 million pageviews was surpassed within 18 months.  But the comments section is probably the best feature of this small site so long may it continue and thanks to the regulars…

… as well as those who send in tips on movies that cater to our niche!  This blog/site is community-driven, and of course I can’t forget the fellas who chip in with reviews and such when I’m burned out, especially when they unearth some 1980s sleeper movie.

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