It’s time for the imposters and turgid bores to step aside, the GOAT is returning.  After it was announced that Michael Keaton was returning as Batman for The Flash movie, it seems this won’t be the only thing.  Now, Keaton is returning for a series for HBO Max.

According to

Michael Keaton has signed a deal with HBO Max to star as Bruce Wayne in a Batman series which will be based on Batman Beyond

What is Batman Beyond?  It is a 1999 animated series which features an elder Bruce Wayne, teaching a new ‘Batman’ donning the cowl.  What’s also interesting is that The Joker is dead in that series, but new villains appear to be The Jokerz, a violent street gang with a cult-like obsession with Napier/Joker’s deceased gangster.

At one point, Jack Nicholson was supposed to return as The Joker in hallucinations in a cancelled Batman movie… will this finally happen now?  It actually appears that it’s going to, a three month old rumor from ‘WeGoThisCovered’ suggested that Keaton would return in Batman Beyond and would be bothered by The Joker in ‘flashbacks’, as well as a new version ‘cloned’ from the original.  This appears to be confirmed now.

Ledger… Phoenix? Who are these people… wait ’til they get a load of him.

Last year, before any of this was announced, Kevin Smith envisioned that any return of Keaton as Batman would ‘make a billion dollars’.  ‘Oh my God…that movie makes a billion, right there man.’  Maybe the bean counters are starting to realize/remember the popularity of Keaton’s Batman and are feeling financially incentivized…  it could make a billion.