HAPPY 65TH, GOAT – ManlyMovie


Today is January 3rd, 2021. That means it’s The GOAT’s birthday.  But not just any birthday, since he was born in 1956, that would make him 65.

Happy 65th, sir.

Director of only five movies, his directorial efforts alone have infused over 1 billion dollars into an industry that showed its appreciation by blackballing him and even going after associates.  At least, Gibson warned Jim Caviezel that if he accepted the role of Jesus, he’d probably ‘never work in Hollywood again’.

He’ll next appear in Last Looks, which is based on the 2018 crime-mystery novel of the same name, the first book in the Charlie Waldo series written by Michael Gould.  Described as an action/thriller, it’ll also star Charlie Hunnam.


In theory, Lethal Finale followed by the sequel to The Passion.  The man simply cannot be stopped! Looks like the plan to defeat The GOAT has fallen on its ass!