Sylvester Stallone appeared at the Arnold Classic event this past weekend. A part of his appearance can be viewed above.  Some notes were dropped about The Expendables 4.

First, the movie is going to open with a ‘twist’, according to Stallone.  A ‘whodunnit’, which implies that someone in the crew gets killed off?  Perhaps Terry Crews’ character, perhaps Randy Couture’s character?  Just speculation.

In addition, Stallone will film two weeks’ worth of scenes, which isn’t much, but still bigger than smaller previous speculation.  Stallone is now filming scenes in London, near Heathrow, despite having back surgery only last month.  Arnold Schwarzenegger remarked on how impressive this was.

When they finish filming in London, then they’ll move onto Bulgaria and finally Greece, with Stallone not taking part in any Greek shooting.  Finally, Greg Poirier’s claims that there will be two more movies, both his Expendables 4 and this spin off are false.  This is, for all intents and purposes, the fourth film.

So, can they retrieve this franchise?