Ever noticed that a movie’s reception suffers when it appears on RottenTomatoes, for political reasons?  I have, and noted on here for example that Death Wish was being trashed by extremist nutcases on RottenTomatoes.  The aggregation site, which can kill a movie or even franchise due to its position on Google alone, helped sink the movie with its 15% disapproval rating.

So how is it that obscure blogs with 40 total readers per week can contribute to ‘RT’, but others with 1000x cannot?  According to the site itself, they have a Critics Advisory Committee which:

… works closely with the Rotten Tomatoes team to evaluate candidates. The Board, made up of several critics and industry professionals of diverse backgrounds and prominence, will meet regularly to consider potential Top Critics, which will be designated on a rolling basis.

So who is on this ‘Advisory Committee?’  Here is the list of six:

Monica Castillo, Arts & Culture Reporter

So, let’s see.  We have Monica Castillo, sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome and writer of wailing feminist reviews.  The purple hair is a bit of a trope, an added disappointment only for its predictability.

This person, who advises on which writers’ reviews get exposure on the site, Tweets the following:

David Fear, Senior Editor & Film/TV Critic, Rolling Stone

We also have David Fear.  Another sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Old David likes to spend his time on Twitter targeting a specific ethnicity and gender (the white male, of course, who else?) then expects readers to digest his views on cultural relevancy with a straight face.

Jessica Kiang, Film Critic, Variety, The Playlist, Sight & Sound Magazine

Then we have Jessica Kiang.  From here, it appears to be getting more vitriolic.  Let’s actually post the next Tweet, which reveals Jessica Kiang to be a racist.

That, is a racist Tweet.  And remember, RottenTomatoes boasts that its ‘Advisory Committee’ celebrates ‘diversity’.  Jessica takes it a bit further than her colleagues merely attacking white males, she also hates white women.

There’s more, search for yourself.

Eric Kohn, Executive Editor & Chief Critic, IndieWire

Eric Kohn also lets down the ‘diverse’ mission statement, by revealing himself to be another a raging liberal with acute TDS.

Amy Nicholson, Host of the podcast “Unspooled” & critic for KPCC’s Film Week

Poor old Amy Nicholson is also sick to the back teeth of… you guessed it, those fucking awful white males.  In fact, according to her, this person who ‘advises’ a website on who should be allowed to contribute, she openly wants to undo forms of leadership comprised of a race she disapproves of:

Gil Robertson, co-founder and President of AAFCA

Finally, if you were hoping that Gil Robertson would make this 5:1 in terms of bias, it’s a no.  Old Gil is obsessed with race, too.  Including ‘white privilege’.  Another raging liberal.

Conclusion:  RottenTomatoes’ apparent liberal bias is confirmed by the words of the people on its ‘Advisory Committee’, tasked with influencing who gets to post reviews of movies on their site.