UPDATED:  A tidbit has been floating around on this otherwise quiet project.  A rumor, and nothing more, says the cogs on this thing will begin moving late February.  Via

It’s happening. Mel will be directing. Looks like they go into pre-production in late February…

Of course, although supposedly this user has a good reputation over there with insider info, it should be again emphasized that the source is kind of loose.  This person also alleges that Mic Rodgers, long time friend and second unit director for Mel Gibson is also on board and may even unofficially direct, with Gibson taking a lighter directorial presence.

PREVIOUSLY:  Legendary director Richard Donner passed away on the 5th of July this year.  A sad moment for all fans of manly movies, considering what he has given us.  Prior to his death it was consistently rumored that he was going to film Lethal Weapon 5 (‘Lethal Finale‘).  It looked like that had been shelved for obvious reasons.

But now, exclusively during his appearance at ‘An Experience With…’, Mel Gibson has revealed that Lethal Finale is going ahead, and he is going to be the director!

Apparently Donner knew that he was going to check out soon and asked The GOAT to take over directorial duties, if he passed.  And Mel is gonna do it!  Funnily enough, it was Corey Feldman who started a rumor on this earlier in the year.

But the rumor, that Mel Gibson would direct Lethal Weapon 5, was so enticing that fans did not want to set themselves up for disappointment.  Even better, he says he’s doing it ‘soon’.

It’s not a fucking rumor anymore!

As for what the movie is about, no-one yet knows.  Although we can recall an (old) interview with Richard Donner with Empire Magazine years ago.  He had Riggs and Murtaugh touring the roads as retirees in an RV.  In a small town, Murtaugh leaves off the park break in the RV, which rolls into some property, causing chaos, but also inadvertently uncovering some criminals getting up to no good.

Fuck… how amazing could it all be.