This website has been banned from YouTube.  Twice.  Which is a pity because there was some good stuff on it, but I was smart enough to back (most of) it up.  We had exclusive stuff from Steven Seagal or our interview with Bill Goldberg aboard the USS Iowa about one of his latest action movies.  But then it was stricken by some type of zealot spite.

The site was also banned from ProBoards.  We had an official forum running at one point, with regulars from the site and members from the old Platoon also hanging out.  Then, even without violating any listed rule, I received an email demanding that certain topics heralding Vladimir Putin (this was years ago, without so much as even a swear word – and in jest!).  I refused, then received an additional threat demanding that the content be removed within 24 hours or the entire forum would be deleted.

Naturally, I told them to go fuck themselves.  I’m sure I still have the emails somewhere.  Our ProBoards departure was not a negotiated affair, this is pretty much the behind the scenes administrative decline/exit of MM on ProBoards.  There was no surrender.

One place it looks like we’re safe though, aside from the site itself staying online forever, is on Twitter.  A sheriff has stepped in to clean out the extremism:

Of course, it’s the news that Elon Musk is making a move to buy Twitter.  There is already a big shakeup, with Twitter having to almost immediately put a collar on extremist staff/moderators, in case those on their way out commit some type of sabotage (all because censorship was stopped?!).

This kind of bullshit scares off creators.  After being banned from YouTube, known for petty bannings and censorship, I was discouraged from truly investing in Facebook or Twitter.  Who wants to spend hours creating videos for fellow fans of ’80s/’90s action movies, only to have some purple-haired freak head over to the site, read something about Mel Gibson then hit the nuke button?  But maybe that’s changed with Twitter now and perhaps we can up the ante.

I’m still somewhat shocked that Musk pulled this off, but these people are often caught napping on strategical issues, they’re definitely not all powerful.  Next we await the retaliation.  The EU is already threatening ‘massive fines’ and even an outright ban of the platform.