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UPDATED: SEGA Planning Streets Of Rage Movie


UPDATED:  It looked like this was dead in the water.  But not only is Streets of Rage (not the 1994 DTV) still going ahead, but SEGA has apparently got John Wick writer Derek Kolstad to write it.  According to Deadline, the movie is back on.

But no other information other than Sonic films producer dj2 Entertainment and The Equalizer films producer Escape Artists will produce the movie.

PREVIOUSLY: SEGA is planning to create a series of live action adaptations based on their games, Streets Of Rage being possibly the most notable.

The company has hired Evan Cholfin as head of development and production at Tokyo-based Stories International, a joint venture of SEGA and advertising agency Hakuhodo DY Group that was launched to produce films, TV shows and entertainment or digital platforms.

Stories International is moving forward with Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Rise of Nightmares, and Crazy Taxi first as English-language live-action and animated projects. Virtua Fighter and Golden Axe are also properties that could be adapted.

I am guessing they could go the online webispode route.  The strategy is probably to reignite the series’ as successful games franchises, most of these are kind of off the shelf these days.