REVIEW: TOP GUN: MAVERICK (2022) – ManlyMovie


Top Gun Maverick is two hours of fan service , with impressive camera work, implausible outcomes, no originality, you can see everything coming from miles away. But it seems that they wanted to craft it that way, it’s pure cinema, like in the old days.

‘Maverick’ still lives alone without a kid, never got promoted and focusing on performance, he continues to disrespect the rules, owns the same jacket (in the movie the Japanese flag was there, unlike the trailers).  Of course he’s put in charge to supervise the best pilots in order to achieve a very difficult mission against an unnamed enemy base, the son of Goose being one of them, with a few others with cool nicknames.  Hangman stands out and I’m sure you’ll like him.  Ed Harris has also a small role, but he was extremely badass.

This movie is like ‘Maverick’ , ‘his kind is headed to extinction’.  It focuses on performance and emotional scenes, and it doesn’t respect the actual establishment.  It respects the pop corn blockbuster formula of course, the old one.  The one without political correctness, I’ve noticed a couple of mild ‘sexist jokes’ situations, but they’re handled quickly, like say, banter between Private Hudson and Vasquez. The way you want it.

Besides, the enemy is not clearly identified, you can see snow covered mountains, a Hind
helicopter also, but it remains unnamed.  And I don’t think it’s because the movie was made
a few years ago and got delayed twice, the geopolitical situation was different back then. They could’ve
added details before the release, if they wanted to make a political statement.  They didn’t.

They wanted to entertain the viewer, and pay respect to the original.J  ennifer Connelly is still hot and I must say that the scene with Iceman was well thought out.  And the movie is dedicated to the memory of Tony Scott, Tony thought about making that sequel when he was still alive, and I remember that the script at the time was some crap centered on a female pilot struggling in a macho environment.  G.I Jane style.  This movie stands out because it’s surrounded by woke crap.  A breath of fresh air, with dithyrambic reviews everywhere.

Jerry Bruckheimer is not a sellout, and I’m glad he will work on the Beverly Hills Cop IV
movie.  We have a chance that it’ll be good.

Watch it in cinema.

– Frenchie