TRAILER: THE END OF MEN (2022) – ManlyMovie


Not a movie trailer, but for a relevant documentary hovering around this niche.  Tucker Carlson says that manly men are disappearing and girlie men are running amok.  Part of this, says Tucker, is due to tanking testosterone levels.

Based manly man RFK-Jr appears in the documentary to tell us about just how far testosterone levels have fallen decade-over-decade… which appears to coincide with the fact that manly movies are certainly no longer mainstream. Why are grown men watching anime instead of the likes of Schwarzenegger cutting people down with an M-60?

They haven’t been since the 1990s.  Back then it was Jean Claude Van Damme.  Now it’s Tom Holland and Ezra Miller.

Anyway, the usual suspects have come out to infer homoeroticism, which is strangely their go-to pejorative (a homophobic one) when this kind of stuff enters a discussion.  With Tucker Carlson rightly laughing off these insecure jibes…