I’m kinda pissed that RoboCop Returns entered development hell and lost a good director.  Looks like the movie is still a ways off.  But Deadline reports that it is still in the works, with a television series possibly coming before that.

Robocop also is being talked about for both film and TV, with a TV show possibly first, Deadline hears.

This show will be an Amazon Prime deal.  Last anyone heard, Abe Forsythe was directing the movie.  I wonder if that’s still the case.

RoboCop has had a shitty run, for a very long time now.  In fact, it’s been bad stuff for 33 years, since it’s widely accepted that RoboCop 2 was the last good movie, with the arcade game of the same name being the last good game.

RoboCop 3 was shit, apart from the ED-209 scene.  RoboCop: The Series, was very expensive but very disappointing, although it did have some good development and ideas.  RoboCop: Prime Directives was fucking awful, arguably even worse than the third movie.  They had some manlet as Murphy, who openly said he didn’t hadn’t seen the original movies and made no effort to uphold Peter Weller’s nuances.

As far as this TV series goes, you have to wonder how they’ll do it.  The old TV series was cancelled because it was very expensive and difficult to make.  Here, at least Amazon won’t make it a children’s show, but God knows what they’ll do to it.  The upside… Peter Weller has loosened up in his old age and has agreed to the following in recent years:

  1. Appear in Robocop Returns
  2. Appears in RoboDoc
  3. Appear in RoboCop: Rogue City

It wouldn’t surprise me if he did the TV series, he actually considered doing the first TV series.  Weller, the old suit and some violent parody… we might have something to work with.

In the end, if it doesn’t work out, RoboDoc has us covered…