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Here’s A Good Idea For Speed 3


It’s a pity they never got around to making a third Speed movie, or even a good second one.  In a way, Crank filled the shoes of Speed 3 albeit a tad more ludicrous.  Maybe they just can’t come up with a good idea, or get Keanu Reeves on board, or both.

I have a good idea for Speed 3.

In the original, ‘hot shot’ Jack Traven had to deal with a bus that would explode if it dropped below 50mph.  One possibility is to return to this idea only with a modern slant.  Nowadays Global Positioning Systems can tell us where the fuck even our animals are located at.  They can also tell us the speed we’re doing in our vehicles.  Something an aspiring terrorist/ex bomb squad member might take notice of.  So let’s say you get in your car.  Let’s make even it even better, you’re manly man Keanu Reeves.

Then the phone rings and you’re told that the GPS system in your car must double the speed limit on every road it is driven on, otherwise your car will explode.  Or a mid western nuclear reactor, or something – I dunno, shit man, I’m not a screenwriter!  Anyway…  “Very exciting, Jack!”  GPS trackers can tell us the speed limit for most roads, a good one will warn you of how close you are to breaking the law.  A terrorist’s GPS tracker will probably act as a trigger, should the car drop below 60 in that 30mph district.

To make things more interesting, force Detective Traven to drive the speeding bomb around highly congested areas.  Of course, terrorising buses is old news.  In a world where car action is dominated by Dominic Toretto and his NoS fuelled vehicles, you’d need something worthy of the premise.  Maybe even old school European, Ferrari or Porsche.  Like in the classic chase sequence above from Against All Odds.  So what else would happen in Speed 3?  Fuck if I know, I’m not Shane Black- I was just thinking about installing a new GPS system in my car today and so happened to also think that Keanu Reeves should return as Jack Traven.

Actually, I do have one more idea for Speed 3.  The movie should open with Keanu Reeves shooting a hostage, as was the style in the manlier era of 1994.  That would be “deeply nuts” but also how screen cops handled their business in the early 90’s.  Probably guarantee an R-rating too.  Oh and by the way, this site and article is copyright, hot shot, so if you want to use my idea you have to send me one million dollars in the post.


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