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Matt Damon Returning As Bourne


Some espionage movie news here.  Matt Damon has always said that he would not return to the “Bourne” series unless director Paul Greengrass did the same.  Paul Greengrass has always said that “The Bourne Ultimatum” was his last movie in the series, as creatively he felt there was nowhere else to go.  That has changed now.

Universal Pictures is currently in the process of making deals for both Damon and Greengrass to reunite on another Bourne picture—their third together.  Moreover, Universal is so bullish on this prospect that the plan is to have this ready in time for release in 2016.

Greengrass will also write the script for Bourne 5.
A second “Legacy” movie starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross was due to fill the release date of July 2016 but this movie has taken over that slot.  This movie was supposed to be directed by Fast & Furious series mainstay Justin Lin.  Word is that this movie actually still is in production but has simply been delayed.
My guess is that they’ve fuse both movies together.  Ensembles are all the rage these days.
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