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Jackie Chan says he’ll be In Expendables 3

There are a few confimations floating around the net, some sexing up the interview and adding emphasis that wasn’t there.  So here is the original interview, which is more a 75% confirmation than 100%.  I’m in two minds about this.  First, I think Chan has earned the entrance stripes, so to speak.  He deserves a role in this series.  But the main problem with The Expendables 2 was that it had too much comedy, especially self awareness.  Not a film-ruining problem, but one that made it 4/5 instead of 5/5.  How does that relate to Jackie Chan?  Well he’s a comedic actor primarily, and that may be what he has in mind for this movie.  It’s hard to discern what he’s talking about here, ‘Buddy buddy’ sounds like Rush Hour or something.  I hope that Jackie knows that this series is an ensemble series.  Considering the growing influence of the Chinese box office, Chan might just get what he demands too.  And that could be a problem.  Especially after the Norris controversy, a man who isn’t as big as Chan.
So, if you want to be in this series, you gotta be a team player.  Jackie Chan needs to be one of the boys (or a villain) and realise that it’s a Rated-R series and that in the third, and possibly final movie, shit needs to get real.  That means no floormops filling in for guns or no bullshit slapstick.  I hope for the best, I await Chan’s contribution.

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